About The Author

This is the spot where I am supposed to list my accolades, awards, and achievements, but I haven’t listed anything of that nature, as nothing I say on this site can be validated by anything, or anyone, but you. In fact, I am not even going to give you my earth-born name, as it is completely irrelevant to what is posted on this site. I am just a regular old bald-headed white guy, in my 70th year of life. Demographically, I am in that segment that is considered “non-college-educated, retired white male.”

Now that I have said that, notice that you already have some idea about who I am. Just notice.

I’ll tell you a little more here, and you will learn still more about me, sprinkled among the essays. I was born in the Midwest, the fourth of eight children, to a practicing Catholic mother and a non-practicing Lutheran father, surrounded by the nation’s auto manufacturing industry. Half a life ago, becoming increasingly intolerant of cold weather, I left my hometown and moved to the Old South.

In my working life, I have managed a service station, started and run a couple of building and development companies, worked for a major university, and for a year, attempted to build a multi-level marketing business, hating every minute of it. In mid-career, I started over and built a consulting practice, specializing in the soft side of business management, and had major international clients in the aerospace and pharmaceutical industries. I trained and coached executives in the practice of communications, negotiations, leadership, performance management, and team and culture development. I have worked directly with doctors, scientists, engineers, marketers, and manufacturing executives, as well as with the people who roll up their sleeves to get the work done.

Today, I am sort of retired, and I try to include service to others, laughing, and loving in the living of every day. I have very little hair left, and parts of most of my original teeth. I also have six grandchildren and one great-grandchild, and their DNA comes from most of the continents you can name. Anything else you want to know, send me an email.