We all have ideas about how things are and how they should be, but we seldom examine where these ideas come from or how they impact the quality of our own lives. We all think the way we think, and the forcefully expressed opinion of another is not likely to change that. This site, Mutterings of an Old White Guy, represents a point of view on where our ideas come from and how they impact our world.

Although at some point, there may be essays addressing a variety of different topics, presently the essays address the topics of race, racial relations, reparations, repairing and reconciling those relations, and intentionally creating a country that is post-racial. That country, by the way, is the United States of America, and this site has a perspective that is uniquely American. Inherent in the perspective is that resolving our racial issues would be of benefit to every American.

The intention is not to offer a solution, but to have you engage with your own perspective in a way that might give you a little more freedom in what you see as possible. If you are interested in exploring other ideas than those you currently hold dear, “Mutterings” was created to engage you, to perhaps edify you, and to hopefully, to some extent, entertain you.

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